GATE 2023 Exam:

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE 2023) is one of the most popular entrance examinations among aspiring future engineers. It is conducted once a year by IITs & IISc Bangalore for the candidates who have a dream to get jobs in PSUs or wish to seek admission to a master’s program in engineering & technology.

Strategy to Attempt The Online GATE Exam:

To fix your timings of marking your responses online, students should do in the following way:

  • Step-1. Students solve the paper for the first one hour and when this hour finishes, mark all the answers in the online system.
  • Step-2. Again repeat the first step in the second hour also (till now you were solving the paper-like offline exam).
  • Step-3. Now out of this 1 hour, repeat the same process as steps 1 and 2 for the first half an hour and mark/write all your responses.
  • Step-4. For the last half, an hour close the full paper and come to online mode. By now, you will have all the questions in your mind and your responses/status on your scribble pad. Then traverse through all questions and verify your answers.

While traversing through the questions, don’t look at the status of the questions in your system. Use your scribble pad to see that status, which will help you in saving time, because you don’t need to remember different symbols.

If some question is still unattempted, you can try to solve that question and mark your response, but make sure that you verify all your recorded responses so that you don’t mark any wrong answer.